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Out of Order Awesomeness

Unraveled - Courtney Milan The Suffragette Scandal - Courtney Milan

Typically I'm a chronological snob and must do things in order rather than race to the good parts. You can't enjoy the meat (err..entree, I'm a vegetarian) without the savory slow cook. You know those people who read the last sentence of a chapter/book before beginning? Or start a TV series in the middle? Blasphemy!


Well...I've recently discovered a very worthy exception to that self-designated chronology rule: Courtney Milan. I read the final book of both her Turner series (#3 Unraveled) and Brothers Sinister series (#4 The Suffragette Scandal) without having read any of the previous books...and without regret! They were stand alones, the only books in the series with a 4+ rating, and had consistently convincing reviews. That plus my demand for a smart romance was my basis for selection and I was not disappointed in the least.


When I'm less picky, I may go back and read the rest of the series. But honestly, I already know they will pale in comparison. I've found a solid formula for discovering a good read and I'm sticking to it! Now if only Milan could start another series and hurry up and get to book four...