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"I don't know what happens to our consciousness when we're unwound...I don't even know when that consciousness starts. But I do know this...We have a right to our lives!
We have a right to choose what happens to our bodies! We deserve a world where both those things are possible."
Unwind - Neal Shusterman

Reproductive rights has always been a sensitive topic people love to avoid, but Neal Shusterman confronts it in such an unbelievable way it becomes accessible. The best part is how he throws in all of these key elements to the "discussion" (beyond just the black and white polarity) without making it feel political or lecture-y, with such varied opinions even among the "unwinds" about how things should be. The plot seemlessly sparks interesting questions in the midst of good ole entertainment. That's why science fiction is such an amazing genre. It sneaks in underlying themes while you're distracted by awesome characters, action sequences and, oh yeah, science fiction! No matter where you fall on the spectrum, it's worth a read (or two)!